Introduction PCA Class:
I. The Elderly
A. Physical and Biological Aspects of Aging
B. Psychological Aspects of Aging
C. Physical and Emotional Needs of the Elderly
D. Critical Situations that the Personal/Respite Care Aide may be Involved
E. Orientation to Types of Physical Disabilities of Handicaps
II. Personal Care and Rehabilitative Services
A. Body Mechanics
B. Limitations on the Personal/Respite Care Aide Activities
C. Techniques used by Personal/Respite Care Aide
D. Goals of Personal Care
E. Prevention of Skin Breakdown
F. Vital Signs
VI. Home Management
A. Care of the Home and Personal Belongings
III. Safety and Accident Prevention in the Home
A. Common Types of Accidents
B. Accident Prevention
C. Typical Hazards in the Home
D. Ways to safety-Proof the Home
E. Policies and Procedures Regarding Accidents or Injuries
VII. Food, Nutrition, and Meal Preparation
A. Importance of Nutrition to the Individual
B. General Concept of Planning Meals
C. Special Considerations of Normal Diet
D. Special Considerations in Preparation of Special Diets
E. Food Purchasing and Preparation
F. Food Storage and Sanitation
VIII. Documentation Requirements for Medicaid Recipients
Aide Records
Provider Agency Plan of Care 

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