Sweet Home Serenity Care

Physical therapy involves the illnesses, or injuries that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities as well as they would like in their daily lives.


  • Gait Training                                                                               Gait evaluation and training furnished to a patient whose ability to walk has been impaired by neurological, muscular or skeletal abnormality
  • Range of Motion                                                                          Range of motion exercises constitute skilled physical therapy Aide only if they are part of an active treatment for a specific disease state, illness, or injury that has resulted in a loss or restriction of mobility
  • Hot Packs, Infra-Red Treatments                                              Where the patient's condition is complicated by circulatory deficiency, areas of desensitization, open wounds, fractures, or other complications                                                    

Skilled individuals may provide Assistance range of motion exercises related to the restoration of a specific loss of function often safely and effectively. Passive exercises to maintain range of motion in paralyzed extremities that can be carried out by skilled persons skilled physical therapy.